Skynet hackathon and HNS
I will be participating in the Skynet hackathon this month (
). The hackathon is centred around building applications that promote building, sharing, and interacting with media and content on Skynet. I was wondering what you guys think would be the best application to bridge HNS and Skynet in this hackathon to benefit both communities. I was thinking maybe to build a website builder service, but I am completely open for other ideas. 😊
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Website builder would be great! Although I think
is trying to build a messaging platform with HNS and Skynet and this might be a good opportunity to collaborate?
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Yes Johnny, we are on road. Two days ago I presented the project to my Master's teacher and He loved it. We are in inception, long run and hard work, but it could be a descentralized messaging system evolution. In 2 weeks I will make a mind map to explain the general concept and the main objectives. But , you know, I'm not dev and I don't know the technical limitations, and in this part Our mentor-Teacher Will guide us. I'm very happy and motivated to develop this tool.
It's a coincidence, but in the following months I will contact with IPFS, Skynet and Eth1 Team to talk about it. And finally, we want contact with HNS Funds and Dweb to rpesent the project and convince inverstors to develope the tool.
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That does sound awesome, but it seems that this is already on its tracks and not really meant for a hackathon.
But of course if you need any help down the line, don't hesitate to ask for help. I would love to contribute :)
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It would be great to have anonymous IPFS for handshake (without registration through email, etc.)