the future is decentralized ! but why handshake ?
why is this blockchain the one that will rule the future of the web 3 ?
can there be more competition for decentralized tlds ?
thanks for everything (new in the space, and very curios ! )
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Hehehe, I wonder this too ⭐
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it uses an independent proof-of-work network and actually works. The competition is ENS which depends on ethereum beeing around, but it only works at the SLD (I might not have full knowledge here) so you don't actually have a pristine url (
), you get something.eth
It would be more advantageous for everyone if potential competitors would just embrace Handshake and become part of the already awesome community instead.
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Is Butterfly protocols allows to register the same TLDs as Handshake?
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There can be a ton of competition for decentralized TLDs, however I think Handshake is in the strongest position. Out of all the protocols offering true decentralized TLDs, HNS is the one with the largest and most active community. Not to mention the protocol with the most stuff being on it.
There are other partial competitors like ENS or Polka Domains, but they are selling SLDs. Both of those projects can fully integrate with HNS while still remaining their own thing - and example of which is what .badass is doing.
Personally you're going to get biased answers in this thread because we are all handshake fans, but if you really look into all the protocols (even the ones that aren't doing exactly what handshake is doing) you'll see that HNS offers the best chance at a truly decentralized web, exactly what we all want for web3.0