Monthly Directors of Handshake meetup (April 29th, 2021)

Join us in the monthly Directors of Handshake meetup next Thursday at 5pm PST, all Namers (anyone with a golden name on Namer News) are invited! Note this will be replacing next week's Weekly Handshake Clubhouse call.

As per the

poll, the meetup will be hosted on Zoom. Here are the details to join:

Meeting ID: 291 922 8942
Passcode: HNS

We'll be brainstorming a rough draft for a community Code of Conduct that will cover behavior such as trademark name squatting and personal name sniping. You can help by sharing example Code of Conducts from other communities, highlighting specific behavior you've seen from the community that should be addressed, and coming up with a name for Handshake's "Code of Conduct".

Hope to see y'all there and until then, happy directing~

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nice, see u therre!

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looking forward to it!

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please record tonight's call. I have a conflict and can't make it.

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Okay thanks checking-in!

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Here is a DNS abuse framework that ICANN registries and registrars are voluntarily adopting:

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Here are three topics that I think Handshake should address to combat abuse:
1. Rules for Gifting.
Ideally, there was a gifting process that did not involve prior registration of the name. But absent that, the gifting process should be to people you know or have obtained permission from. And the gift transfer should occur within 30 days of registration. If you still own "gift" names after many months and have not received a positive response back from the intended recipients, then you are cybersquatting.

2. Shill bidding
Do not participate in an auction if you have no interest in the name simply to drive the price up. Especially if you're aware that the name is a trademark or celebrity and hope to sell it to them on the aftermarket. A trademark owner who has been outbid in an auction will not be interested in buying the name from you on the aftermarket.

3. Dispute process for TLD Abuse
Once Handshake TLD Abuse has been defined, there needs to be a process for a rights owner to file a dispute to takedown (blacklist) or transfer ownership of the tld. For an example of a registry dispute process, see

Note: "PDDRP is a higher-level rights protection mechanism aimed at allowing trademark owners to address certain scenarios where a registry operator’s operation or use of a domain leads to or supports trademark infringement, either on the top level or second level."