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I love the snitch deposits haha

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you have to, the whole snitching process is intended to make the system way more fair. Having the snitch deposit + making snitches wait 2 hours to claim if they right prevents a ton of attack vectors against TLD owners, XNHNS, and even the snitches themselves.
1) [MEV](

) and front runners (snitches)
2) people spamming the oracles to drain XNHNS funds (XNHNS)
3) 51% attacks on HNS to censor someones XNHNS records and steal their TLD deposit (TLD owners)
4) snitches taking advantage of any blockchain or oracle downtime (should never happen
but incase) (TLD owners)

+ maybe some other things that im forgetting or haven't thought about

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Awesome and thank you! 🤝

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Thank you for yourXNHNS!