Timing on marketplace

On the marketplace - you are able to see newly listed names and format your search from newest. I am assuming that the name is only put on this list the one single time that it goes from ownership to sale?

For example, if someone simply edits the price for a listing - this doesn't trigger the name to re-appear on this list, does it? Thank you!

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From what I've seen it only appears as a new listing the first time it's ever put up for sale. If you already listed it once, taking it off and listing it again or changing the price won't refresh it back to the top. Also, if you bought the name on the aftermarket and list it for sale, I'm pretty sure it also won't show as a new listing since it's already been listed previously (but I haven't tested this in a while).

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Interesting. Thank you for the context. I have come to the same conclusions however I do think that when ownership is changed it might get a another listing. I will check more carefully and report back.