Party in Miami with Skynet, Upshot, and Akash! June 4th, 2021

Hey Namers, with vaccines rolling out and things finally opening up, Skynet (

), Upshot ( ) and Akash ( ) are getting together for an after party following the June 4th-5th Bitcoin 2021 conference ( ) and YOU'RE invited!

Plans are to rent a yacht and the cost per project is $6k. I can personally contribute $600 and will defer to the community to make up the remaining 90%. Is there any interest from our Namers and Directors to contribute and participate in the event?

Fyi if the yacht falls through, then this location will be the backup:

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very interested

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If it ain't broke don't fix it. Let's use the oldest advertising technique. Can we inspire Instagram celebrities to wear shirts and promote HNS while gaining new investors. Wouldn't mind spending time with business savvy models at a yacht party as well.

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If someone wants to sponsor my flight tickets: hs1qk0879fgejld2rt0w4xq8v8yvpjkudlsnnt9pql

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If you want more ideas? donate anything

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This is a absoloutely dope idea, I think the community should really get on board with this because honestly if I could I'd be super down to chill on a Yacht. Talk about a experience flying out and hanging out with some like minded people & big people I otherwise wouldn't get a chance to speak with absoloute game changer for some folks.

Hopefully I'll be able to get the next one haha

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Sounds amazing 🍻

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I'll chip in. "cost per project" lol cracked me up, you mean cost to charter. What's the max occupancy so maybe we can divy it down to like 20 ($300) or 30 ($200)...etc. If some ape wants to help bring those down feel free :D

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No, by "cost per project" I mean the amount each hosting project is supposed to pay (Skynet, Akash, Upshot, and now AAVE, Slingshot, and NEAR too)

The cost is actually a lot lower now — should be about $200 per participant. If you're interested, please shoot me an email at