nytransitmuseum/ is now in the hands of it's rightful Owner!

Hey Namers, I just wanted to share that

is now with its true Owner.

I also want to use this post to talk about how you could use your daily life to potentially help the adoption & implementation of Handshake.

First things first we're all Internet lover's we all have "online friends". A lot of these people that we come into contact with through out our days rather you be hanging out with that friend you played Call Of Duty with as a teenager or someone you found in a cool coding discord. Whatever the case may be a majority of these people work for a living & that place of work could have not claimed there name. I'm not saying go out & gift names to random places/people willy nilly but just asking the people you come into contact with what they do for a living and just general questions. You could potentially get a new adopter to join us for the future.

Thank you for reading <3

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Oh this is really cool! Would love to see

resolving someday :)

Strong agree for expanding the name gifting culture to companies and organizations, especially forward thinking ones like tech startups and such.

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