Namebase Authoritative Nameserver Cache?

So I've encountered some weird behavior with the Namebase authoritative nameserver. I noticed that positive results, such as returning data from a TXT question, will be returned as expected and will *not* be cached. If I have a known record and alter it, the change is immediately visible. The issue is that for negative results a cache of about a minute is implemented. This is an issue for services that use DNS records to authenticate a user's identity. I was wondering if this cache could be removed, or *at the very least* usage of the Record Assistant could flush this cache automatically? Thanks!

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Here's a copy of my mini-rant on Discord: Also I am now 100% sure that the caching issue that I've been running into is Namebase. Negative results on the Namebase authoritative nameserver are cached with a TTL of 60 seconds. Positive results are uncached, you can view this behavior by verifying a name using the Namebase record assistant and there being a minute delay between the record being set and you being able to verify. If, however, you go in and change the record which was set (by adding a letter to the end of the token or something), the change is immediately visible. You will not be able to verify your name using that name the instant it is changed on Namebase. The same is true if you delete the record instead of altering it.
tl;dr: nb cache result when record don't exist, but don't cache result when record do exist
This is confirmed to be an issue specific to Namebase when I try the same tests on my own authoritative nameserver, and each change is immediately seen. When I create the record on my own nameserver, there is no delay between when that record is created and when I can actually verify that name.