Dxpool/ TLD gifted!

Hi everybody,
I'm very happy to announce that

TLD has been gifted to Dxpool Team.
Since I started in HAndshake (May 2020), one of the important objectives was to have initiative to give TLDs to friends, companies, institutions, etc. The main objective: to spread the word and open the eyes to the world on the decentralized web. For this reason, I started bidding on all kinds of names, specifically on September 18, 2020 I won Dxpool / and now the opportunity finally presented itself to give it to the Dxpool team. The wait was worth it and will pay off in the future.
I want to give special thanks to Handshake Jesus for his intermediation (I don't have a twitter, hahaha) and the entire community in general for moving forward on this long but intense and interesting road.
In a few days I will make you another interesting announcement about spreading the word.
All the best

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Well done 🥳