The revamped, customizable Namebase dashboard is live

We've been talking about a dashboard overhaul for some time now, and I'm excited to share that the new, customizable dashboard is live. Our initial goal was to make navigation cleaner, and faster, while providing a dashboard experience customizable to the needs of all of the different types of Namebase users.

I think our design/dev teams nailed it with this one. This new dashboard lets you add, remove, and move any piece of it. Take out the Bitcoin price ticker if it makes you sad to see. Add the Namer News module if you want to see posts directly on your dashboard. There's a number of new modules already live that we hope you play with.

We're also particularly excited about this design because, since its module based, we can add features and panels to it super easily moving forward. If you have ideas for what you'd like to see next, or any feedback, please share!

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How do I see my in reveal auctions?

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I found it, but the only way to get the to in reveal auctions is by having an open bid on an existing auction.

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My auctioned domain has no total!

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Quedo bonito!
It looks great!

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When I was shown this by Liz a few weeks ago my jaw hit the floor pretty quick. This is a HUGE improvement from what we had before, and instantly fell in love with the layout. It is very intuitive and easy to navigate; and the best part is you can customize it to be how YOU want it to be. Reminds me of the HTC ad "YOU" campaigns lol.

After seeing it again for the second time, I still feel that impression. It's quite a fresh look and I am enjoying it a lot.
There are a few things though, now that I've had time to look at it for a long time, and some things I've seen others bring up, that I feel should be eventually addressed (No rush, I know how much work this alone was and I'm sure there's a break warranted lol)

1. The chart for the daily HNS pricing info has no axis labels, so you really don't know exactly what you're looking at in terms of scale. Is it a 24 hour chart? 1 week? 1 month?

2. Maybe some sort of "streamer" mode for Namebase would be neat, especially now that our legal names are posted on the dashboard in big fonts. Some people may want to show off their Namebase dashboard layout, but without giving away sensitive data they may not want to show. Maybe some sort of toggle which hides (censors) the name, balances, etc, and just leaves the layout would be nice for this? I've seen other exchanges do this; so I imagine it's a feature quite a few people might want.

3. It seems our total names held isn't shown on this dashboard anymore. That's a good number to see. Maybe a whole card that will show you quick stats on your names specifically, like how many you have, how much they cost you total to get them (how much you've burned), how much you have on the marketplace at a total of how much wanted for them, etc.

4. Lastly, I'm sure a lot of people are wanting this one, a dark theme would go a long way. Although I know how hard it can be to do themeing if your original design wasn't focused around that to begin with so no pressure; just something I hope we will see in a v3 of this!

Once again, amazing work guys, love everything you're doing. I'm excited to see where Namebase goes from here and what else you have planned for us.

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Thanks for the feedback (now, and when Liz first shared the redesign). Love the idea of a "stats about me" module that gives info on names. Maybe we'll have to host a new modules brainstorm at some point when we go in for a V2 to see what new modules to build next. Will take all of this into consideration for V2, have definitely heard people would like more info in the HNS ticker module as well.

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Is there a way/can an option be added (in V2) to replace the legal name that appears in the top left corner "Good Morning, [legal name]" with a handshake name? Kudos to LIz for the great redesign!