I'm recruiting ambassadors for outreach!

Hey all, I'm recruiting 3-5 Namers who can act as ambassadors for one of these 2 outreach efforts:

1. Integration with other decentralization protocols
2. Introduce Handshake to university blockchain groups/clubs

Integration with other decentralization projects is important for Handshake to be successful because it gives Handshake names real usage. I have a list of projects prepared and would like 2 or 3 Namers to help both grow that list (involves conducting research about what projects are out there and how Handshake might be able to help) and also do the outreach (I'll share example templates that have worked for me that you can use to start). The dWeb movement as a whole is currently rather siloed, and the pie in the sky outcome for our Handshake integration efforts is to get the entire dWeb community to come together — dWeb Con 2022?

Outreach to university blockchain groups may also be important because in my experience, university developers seem to be the most open to building with new things like Handshake and university students also seeemt o have the most energy to push movements forward (see: student activism). I have a list of universities with blockchain programs and would like 1 or 2 Namers to help both grow that list and conduct the outreach.

If you're interested in helping Handshake and the dWeb grow as an ambassador for Handshake, please either DM me at

in the Namer Community Discord —
— or DM me on Twitter at so we can get you involved! You can also schedule a time for us to chat 1:1 at

Happy naming~

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