Who wants a .directors subdomain?

Anthony from Namebase here. We just released a way to gift your friends subdomains that they can use for Handshake login! Support for other things like DLinks can come later.

If anyone would like a .directors subdomain, email {my first name} at namebase dot io with the subdomain that you'd like and I'll send it over.

-- Technical details --

Right now, subdomain gift recipients can set DNS records for the gifted subdomain. They can't do this through the Namebase UI at the moment though, just via the API or via the Namebase record assistant (

). This means that for non-developers pretty much only Handshake login will be easily usable.

If you gift the name anthony.directors, then the recipient can set any DNS records on zones that end with anthony.directors. So, records like TXT _auth.anthony.directors or AAAA anthony.directors will work. The original owner of the name retains the ability to edit all DNS records, including those of any gifted subdomains.

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Cool 🤝

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i'm in for one - will send an email :)

its also great for having companies use this as handshake login which is a good bonus too!

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This seems fun! I want to play 😃

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nice - this is mike

and i am logged in to Namer News as
Anthony gifted me - sweet!

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wooo, this is

and went through the process to get set up with
so I can help others get onboard!

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Interesting concept, I'm down.

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Thank you 🥳

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how do you gift subdomains? this is rad

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If you go to your domain manager and then click into a domain to edit its DNS records, you'll see buttons to list it on the marketplace, gift the entire TLD, and now, gift a subdomain of your TLD.

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I have a question here, asked several times on twitter, but no answer.
For promotion, if I gift some SLD's, can I later stake that name?
If YES, what happens to the gifted SLDs?

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Hi Anthony, I have received the SLD

and set up my dLinks. Thank you verymuch.

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Yayyyyyyy I am a director now! Thanks

and Namebase... Looking forward to brainstorming how to use my new domain. Does anyone have any ideas of how they plan to use their
SLD? I have some ideas of ways to get more involved with HNS community...