Please update the github tutorial

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Hope you're all good.

I am new to setting up Github repositories, however I am quite confident I followed the steps detailed, but I cannot set up the Github page to redirect to my TLD in its entirety.

I feel the current guide should be looked into and updated to align with the Github user experience or perhaps Github looked into to figure out why the end result isn't resulting in a custom TLD showing up even after following the steps.

I also tried the YouTube video guide afterwards (which differs to the namebase Github guide - the hack.jaywu example video) however also not resulting in success.

The page will load up, but Github will not accept the CNAME record TLD you put in within Github repositories and then inside the settings no matter what you do.

From my understanding the Github settings should auto populate but it doesn't do that either and then if you try the other way to use Github pages via the hack.jaywu example the settings will i nfact auto populate but the DNS resolver will not accept the TLD you wish to use.


P.S. I have probably missed something, but ultimately I won't be the only one who has after following the tutorial steps so an updated tutorial makes the most sense because if the Gitub pages work properly then this really is a game changer for the average person looking to set up a custom web page with no cost and that will drive interest into Handshake.

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Could you find a time at

so you can share your screen while we try to troubleshoot this together?

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Thank you for your fast reply and btw I never realised you had a set up like this where you are offering your time up via a calendar booking, that on it's own is incredibly rare to see. I'll book something soon, see you then.