handshake interoperability

What are the possibilities of Handshake protocol to be interoperable and what use cases it can offer?

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Could you elaborate on what you mean by "interoperable"?

Funny timing, our marketer

is writing up a blog post for how Handshake names could be used by developers, here's a sneakpeek into the draft:

For developers, Handshake names being TLDs enable unlimited subdomains under your name.

For NFT creators, this means their decentralized art can live on a decentralized domain. Many NFTs still have URLs pointing to content stored on Web2, censorable, non-persistent sites. Handshake allows developers to store art they truly own on domains they truly own as well.

Additionally, Handshake domains are themselves NFTs, offering the ability for NFT art creators to pair their art with a domain NFT.

One group of creators that could take advantage of Handshake are NFT collections creators. With a single TLD, each NFT could live on a separate subdomain. For those creating things like 10,000 pfp collections, each NFT could live at 0001.TLD, 0002.TLD, ooo3.TLD etc.

For non-NFT developers, another use case we’d love to see become more popular is a community platform that can only be logged into with a Handshake subdomain.

Sites like Namer News already support Handshake login. However, by owning a TLD, creators are able to create sites that can only be accessed with a subdomain under a specific TLD. With the ability to gift as many subdomains under a Handshake name as you’d like, influencers would be able to gift subdomains that grant access to gated communities using a system they fully own and control.

A messaging app where each username/login is a Handshake name. The app can issue free subdomains on a TLD it owns to users who don’t own a Handshake name yet. Users can message Handshake names that aren’t registered yet. Once they’ve registered, all of their messages will be waiting for them (perhaps in decentralized storage?)

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Awesome reply and explained my points i had.
By interoperable i mean the HNS connectiviity and use case bind with multiple chains like ethereum, binance , sol, ADA and others. How would HNS be a standard of DNS and multichain operational in blockchains