SkyDroid Updates
SkyDroid is a domain-based decentralized App Store for Android with full support for Handshake domains (HNS) and Sia Skynet.
SkyDroid now has a brand-new **landing page**:
And the app just got an update too:
## SkyDroid update 0.5.2
• Updated translations
• Changed app icon
• Updated recommended collections
• Small bug fixes and optimizations
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Woo love the new landing page!
do you think we're ready for the SkyDroid community campaign?
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yea marketing page was the only blocker i think. We can start planning the ProductHunt and reaching out to any media outlets
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Hi redsolver, I check the web, I like it. Suggestions, Can I translate it to Spanish? and Catalan?. I will study your offers, if you are interested. Thnks